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John Oliver reveals 2016 return to HBO, tips for New Year’s resolutions

The hiatus between seasons of Last Week Tonight still isn’t over, but John Oliver isn’t making fans wait for the show’s 2016 return for more of his humor. The host of the HBO late-night talk show released a Web video Sunday in which he announced the season three premiere date and also gave hilarious advice on what to do once you’ve given up on your new year’s resolutions.

As we all know, good intentions don’t always turn into actions when it comes to new year’s resolutions. Oliver uses exercising more as an example in the video, pointing out that the goal is just so hard. “Exercise is like reading for your muscles, except you can’t watch a movie of someone else exercising and basically get the gist of it,” he says.

Now that we’re several days into the year, Oliver acknowledges the fact that many of us will start abandoing our resolutions. Fortunately, we don’t have to feel like complete failures. The problem, according to the comedian, is that we’ve set our expectations too high, so there’s no shame in lowering them. He recommends revising our goals, like redefining exercise as anything that gets your heart rate up — whether that be taking a pregnancy test or waking up late for work.

The hilarious segment concludes with more of Oliver’s sage wisdom before he announces season three’s Valentine’s Day premiere date: “Deep down we all know the key to a successful resolution is not hard work and dedication; it’s managing disappointment, and that’s it.”

Oliver tweeted the video out, calling it a “message to make you feel better about the resolutions that you’re about to give up.”

Last Week Tonight is set to return for season three on February 14.

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