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Sorry, John Oliver won’t be replacing Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

jon oliver wont succeed stewart at daily show john
The late night shuffle continues now that Jon Stewart has confirmed he’ll be leaving his The Daily Show later this year. And, just as we saw with Leno, Letterman, and Ferguson, the media is a-buzz with rumors and speculation over who will replace him.

The latest rumor on the wind was that Stewart could be replaced by John Oliver, but that has now been squashed as Oliver’s HBO show Last Week Tonight has been renewed for two more seasons, according to Deadline. He was the fan favorite to take the post, but clearly has decided to stick to his own gig.

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Other names that have floated around to take over the hot political seat include Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams, Amy Poehler, Aisha Tyler, Tina Fey, and Chris Rock. It seems the list is skewing hard toward females, and the belief that comedic talent is just as important as strong and informed political opinions. Stewart, of course, has that rare combination of both.

According to Mashable, Comedy Central has already devised its shortlist of potential candidates. It’ll come down to who has the best ability to do the job justice, as well as who the network can, of course, afford.

It’s unclear whether Stewart will continue to have any involvement in the show after his departure as host.

Whoever takes the chair will be in good company as a newbie on the late night circuit. In March, James Corden will take over The Late Late Show following Craig Ferguson’s retirement last year. David Letterman will host his last show this May as Stephen Colbert primes to take over. Jimmy Fallon is just celebrating his one-year anniversary as host of The Tonight Show after snagging the coveted spot from Jay Leno. And Seth Meyers is carving out his chair as host of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the show he took over once Fallon moved up the ranks.

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