This is why Jon Snow would make a terrible dinner guest, Game of Thrones fans

Jon Snow may be a formidable defender of the wall on HBO’s Game of Thrones, but in a recent skit from Late Night with Seth Meyers it quickly becomes clear that “the bastard son of Ned Stark” might not be the best person to invite over for dinner.

The skit featured actor Kit Harington in full costume as his Game of Thrones character, who’s had a tough time of it over the course of four seasons, but as he awkwardly points out to his fellow dinner guests, he’s fared far better than some of his siblings. In the skit, Meyers introduces his new pal Jon Snow (who he apparently met at the gym) to the rest of his friends, only to repeatedly take him aside when his style of dinner conversation grinds the entire affair to an uncomfortable halt.

“Spring has officially sprung!” remarks one guest, only to have Jon Snow dourly respond with the show’s recurring tagline, “Winter is coming.”

“Winter is coming. The snow will fall 100 feet deep. The ice will howl out the north and the sun hides its face for years and little children will all be born and die in the darkness,” he adds, bringing down the entire mood of dinner.

The skit eventually features Jon Snow recounting the entire timeline of the series thus far, re-enacting key moments from the past few seasons. His story is met with one guest commenting that someone should write all of that down in a series of books.

“I think it would make a better TV series,” says Snow.

The final moments of the skit feature an unsuccessful attempt at playing Charades with the Games of Thrones character, who guesses “three-eyed raven” and “incest” at Meyers’ gestures.

The fifth season of Game of Thrones premieres Sunday, April 12, on HBO.