Jurassic World brings its dinosaurs back out of extinction for limited IMAX 3D engagement

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Universal Pictures

In case you haven’t heard, Jurassic World was an Indominus Rex-sized hit. The film parlayed the biggest opening weekend ever (measured by worldwide total gross) to a $1,581,872,505 worldwide take and now, it’s back for more.

Today, IMAX Corporation and Universal pictures announced that Jurassic World will receive a special week-long engagement in domestic IMAX 3D beginning August 28, 2015.

The dino-flick is already the second highest-grossing film in IMAX’s history with a gross of $116 million and it is now back by popular demand. Loosely translated, it’s being brought back because … why stop printing money when you have your very own mint?

“Starting with its record-shattering debut in IMAX theatres around the globe, Jurassic World truly has become a cultural phenomenon,” said Greg Foster, Senior Executive Vice President, IMAX Corp. and CEO of IMAX Entertainment. “We’re proud to have been a part of this ground-breaking release and now we look forward to offering audiences another opportunity to experience Jurassic World in IMAX.”

Nick Carpou, President of Distribution at Universal Pictures, added that, “the extraordinary success of the IMAX release of Jurassic World was driven by audiences who needed to become immersed in every wondrous and heart-racing scene in the film.”

In other words, IMAX 3D’s crystal-clear images, customized theater geometry and powerful digital audio will having you feeling the hot, rank breath of giant prehistoric reptiles on your face! [Edit: Something else that sounds more appealing].

In all seriousness, Jurassic World has become a genuine sensation, so if you’re one of the seven people who’ve yet to see this film — or if you just haven’t seen it in IMAX 3D — you’re chances have been just been resurrected from extinction.

Once this limited engagement is over, you’ll have to wait until June 22, 2018 for more Jurassic World. That’s the date the planned sequel is set to hit theaters.