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Key and Peele try to steal back a kitten from gangsters in new Keanu red band trailer

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele made it clear that they were planning to pursue new projects when they pulled the plug on their Comedy Central seriesKey and Peele, this summer, and fans are already getting a look at just what some of those other opportunities are. A not-so-work-appropriate trailer has been released for their upcoming comedy flick Keanu, and it’s definitely one to look forward to.

As the preview shows, the film centers on Peele’s character, who is in a serious funk after a breakup — at least until a stray kitten, Keanu, shows up at his door. Both he and his best friend, Clarence (Key), immediately become enamored with the furry little creature, and so they’re crushed when someone breaks into the apartment and takes him. The two decide to track down Keanu’s catnapper, only to discover that a notorious gangster has him.

In spite of the danger, the guys manage to meet with the feared figure, telling him they’re “in the market right now for a gangsta pet.” Of course, recovering the kitten isn’t that easy, as we quickly see. The two end up embroiled in some serious business. “I am not breaking the law!” insists Clarence, but before we know it, there are shots of guns blazing, a high-speed chase, and the guys are tied up.

Keanu was written by Peele and Alex Reubens. Both Key and Peele produced the project, along with Peter Principato, Paul Young, and Joel Zadak. Directed by Peter Atencio, the movie also stars Method Man, Jason Mitchell, Nia Long, Will Forte, and Darrell Britt-Gibson.

The Keanu Twitter account recently shared the movie poster, which features the adorable “gangsta pet” himself.

Keanu hits theaters on April 29.

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