Kevin Spacey to Play Cult Leader in HBO Series “Crux”

For his next role, Kevin Spacey is skipping Hollywood and passing on Broadway to return to TV. Well, HBO, which prides itself on being more than TV. Spacey has signed to play “a kevin spacey to play cult leader in hbo series crux mann s village theatrecharismatic cult leader” in charge of a multibillion dollar worldwide cult, according to Variety.

The show will be the second trip to HBO for Spacey, who starred in the 2008 HBO original movie, Recount, which won three Emmys.

Crux was created by show runner Rod Lurie following a bidding war between HBO, Showtime and FX. Lurie, whose Straw Dogs is due in theaters next year, will produce, write and direct several episodes. The show will be set in LA, but beyond that not much is known. Filming is expected to begin later this year.