Netflix trailer for ‘Last Chance U’ promises hard-hitting college football docuseries

The college football and NFL seasons don’t officially begin until September, but in the meantime, Netflix will give sports fans a fix leading up to their opening kickoffs. The streamer has dropped the official trailer for the six-part docuseries Last Chance U in preparation for its July premiere.

The series, which Netflix describes as “a gut-wrenching behind-the-scenes look at the world of college football,” is based on a GQ article of the same name. At the center of the story are the East Mississippi Community College Lions, a football team made up of talented players that are seeking redemption for a variety of reasons, from flunking out of school to failing drug tests. They’re in the right place, though; the school is known for turning out Division 1- and even NFL-worthy talent.

Based on the trailer, the docuseries looks at both the bigger picture — the team’s quest to remain dominant — and the stories of individual players. In fact, it is reminiscent of the all-too-short-lived NBC series Friday Night Lights. Last Chance U may focus on an older group of guys, but their fight is much like that of the fictional Dillon and East Dillon players depicted on the TV series. They’re all hoping to make it to the next level and working to overcome personal struggles with the help of football and the community.

In addition to the compelling drama off the field, viewers can look forward to getting close-up views of the action during games and practices. The docuseries practically gets you on the field and shows off impressive feats of athleticism, hard hits, and end zone celebrations. And if that wasnt enough to pump you up, there are inspiring pep talks aplenty.

Get pumped. Last Chance U premieres July 29 on Netflix.

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