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Netflix boss says Making a Murderer season 2 is off the table for the time being

Making A Murderer
If you count yourself among the millions of Making a Murderer fans who believe that Steven Avery and/or Brendan Dassey are innocent of the crimes that have landed them life sentences, you’re used to having your hopes dashed.

That said, if you were hoping for a second season of the celebrated and much discussed series, you probably don’t want to hold your breath.

In a recent interview, THR asked Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s head of content acquisition, about the the possibility of a second season, and he responded by saying “there’s no idea for a second season, there’s no pitch for a second season; we’re not talking about a second season.”

While that doesn’t exactly sound encouraging, Sarandos did not say for certain that there wouldn’t be a second season. When asked if he was closing the book on the idea of expanding upon the series, he responded “no. I know you’re asking for me to say that we’re doing something or not, and we don’t know yet.”

… So you’re telling us there’s a chance.

In reality, absent any new developments, it seems highly unlikely that the series will continue. The original comprised 700 hours of footage, shot over a 10-year period and required an astounding amount of work and commitment from filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos. It’s just difficult to imagine recreating that for another season or another case.

The more likely scenario is that we’ll see a follow-up episode or two if the public’s renewed interest in the case results in it being reopened or re-examined.

Fans of the show have already appealed to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and President Barack Obama asking that Avery be pardoned, but while the former was unwilling to grant such a pardon, the latter was unable, as Avery is a state convict and did not commit a federal crime.

We’ll keep you updated on Netflix’s plans and on the case itself, but for the moment, it looks like that’s a wrap on Making a Murderer.

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