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Watch Matt Damon trick James Corden into doing dangerous ‘Jason Bourne’ stunts

Jason Bourne is finally in theaters, but there’s still more of Matt Damon and his beloved action-hero character to see. The actor recently appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden, where he promoted his latest installment in the spy series with a hilarious sketch showing the host’s fictitious involvement in the film.

In the mockumentary-style sketch, viewers are brought to the set of the film, where Damon is busy preparing to shoot a scene as Corden shows up. Through solo interviews with both men, we get to see their very distinct versions of how Corden came to be included. The host claims Damon couldn’t wait to have him in the movie, while the actor hints that he had an ulterior motive in extending the invitation.

Throughout the sketch, their different spins on situations are highly entertaining. Corden acts enamored of Damon, eager to do his bidding, while Damon takes advantage of the situation. It turns out that his big plan is for the comedian to play his stunt double, and as we can all imagine, Corden isn’t exactly cut out for the job. He might gamely take a punch to the face and be willing to literally jump off a building for Damon, but at a certain point, the occupational hazards take a toll on him.

The sketch paints Damon as being a pretty sadistic bully, which makes it all the more amusing given his real-life persona.

“James looks like he can take a punch,” says the Bourne star at one point. “I mean, that can’t be the first he’s been punched in the face. He’s got an extremely punchable face.”

In addition to making viewers laugh, the sketch does its job of hyping the movie’s “gritty and real” action. The film certainly isn’t starving for attention, though; Jason Bourne opened last week to strong box office numbers.

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