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Creed’s Michael B. Jordan attached to star in yet another Thomas Crown Affair remake

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Michael B. Jordan proved himself at the box office with his starring role in the latest installment in the Rocky franchise, Creed, and now MGM is reportedly ready to put him in another major starring role. The actor is currently attached to star in an upcoming remake of The Thomas Crown Affair, reports Deadline.

Should Jordan ultimately play the title role, he’ll join the ranks of previous stars Steve McQueen and Pierce Brosnan. McQueen starred as Thomas Crown in the 1968 original film, which was directed by Norman Jewison and co-starred Faye Dunaway. Brosnan took his turn in the role in a 1999 remake and shared the screen with Rene Russo.

The story centers on a scheming millionaire bank executive who plans and carries out a massive heist, just for the sake of it. The crimes vary between the two versions, with the original featuring a bank robbery and the 1999 remake involving stolen art. In each film, Crown finds himself being investigated by a clever woman-slash-love interest. Based on the precedent, the latest version of The Thomas Crown Affair could very well feature an entirely new heist, with Jordan as the daring mastermind.

The actor has seen his star power climb since the success of Creed this fall. He’ll reprise his role as the boxer “Hollywood Donnie” in the upcoming sequel, which is tentatively scheduled to hit theaters in November 2017. Jordan is also co-writing an action spy comic book series that may later be adapted for the big screen with him as the star.

The list of film remakes coming out of Hollywood seems endless; movies ranging from Road House to Point Break are on the way, not to mention the numerous TV series that are being revived. Hopefully, The Thomas Crown Affair remake will cut us some slack by again putting a new spin on the original’s story.

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