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Creed 2 already has a tentative release date for 2017

creed 2 release date michael b jordan
With the success of Creed, it was all but a given that the most recent installment in the Rocky franchise would get a sequel. Fans didn’t have to wait long for confirmation thanks to Sylvester Stallone, who discussed plans for Creed 2 last week. Now, a tentative release date has been revealed as well.

The next Creed film could come as early as November 2017, according to MGM CEO Gary Barber. While speaking with Variety at the Golden Globes Sunday, the exec shared that the date isn’t official, but that the studio is aiming to release the sequel two years after its predecessor. The timing is important, as Variety points out, if the studio hopes to be able to lock down Creed director Ryan Coogler.

Naturally, the filmmaker is in high demand after his work on the acclaimed return to the Rocky universe. Talks for him to direct Marvel’s Black Panther, for example, had reportedly “cooled” prior to Creed‘s release, only to pick back up again as its box-office numbers climbed. Keeping Coogler onboard will require haste, according to Stallone in a recent Variety interview. “I know Ryan is going to be gone for a couple years,” he said. “There’s a diminishing time acceptance of a sequel.”

MGM, of course, wants to capitalize on the movie’s success. While 2015 was an enormous year at the box office, not every film studio saw ticket sales like those of Disney and Universal Pictures. Each of the latter were propelled by franchises familiar to audiences, including Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Fast and Furious, and more. MGM seems to be eyeing a similar route, giving audiences more of what they’ve already shown they’re willing to pay for.

Creed has brought in $105.61 million at the domestic box office so far, according to Box Office Mojo data, plus $14 million overseas. It was Warner Bros’ third-highest grossing film of 2015.

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