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Rupert Grint may be coming to US TV after NBC commits to put pilot

nbc rupert grint pilot harry potter
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Rupert Grint’s love of comic books has inspired a prospective TV series. An untitled project has reportedly been developed for The Harry Potter star by Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta and Secrets & Lies producer Aaron Kaplan. It seems to be an intriguing one, based in part on the fact that NBC is interested. The network has locked the project down with a put pilot commitment, reports Deadline.

Based on an idea by Kaplan and written by Horta, the storyline will center on a character who lives in New York and is hanging around the lower rungs of the career ladder. What he lacks in excitement about work, he makes up for in his love for Imperial City, the nine-issue comic book series his late father wrote. Only it turns out that there is actually a 10th issue out there, one that Rupert learns of from a enigmatic collector. That revelation is already significant to the protagonist, but more shocking is the fact that Imperial City‘s world is real and he has to save it.

Grint is best known for playing Ron Weasley in all eight of the Harry Potter movies, but he’s since starred in a handful of other films, including Into the WhiteCBGB, Moonwalkers, and more. He’s also starred in stage productions, done voice-acting, and taken on TV roles. Grint’s only U.S. TV role to date was as Clyde on CBS’s Super Clyde.

While Horta and Kaplan are serving as executive producers, Grint will double as a producer. Meanwhile, Kaplan Entertainment and Horta’s Silent H are also producing. Andrew Maher, Horta’s producing partner, is reportedly expected to be involved somehow as well.

It remains to be seen, of course, whether the pilot will get a full series order, but NBC will at least have to air it or face monetary penalties.

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