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Netflix pushes the limits in trailer for sketch comedy The Characters, coming in March

A comedy like no other is coming to Netflix. The streaming service has just released the trailer for its upcoming original sketch comedy series, Netflix Presents: The Characters, calling it a show that has “no rules” and “no limits.”

The aptly titled series will feature “the next generation of comedians,” a group of eight that each gets their own 30-minute episode. They both write and appear in their episodes, according to THR, and can be seen in the trailer taking on multiple characters apiece. Be ready for a lot of ridiculous-looking fake beards.

We expect the comedians to have made the most of their free reign, given how Netflix has driven home its point about the “no rules” approach. “No one else would do this. Seriously,” says the trailer’s video description on YouTube. Not only that, the preview has its share of risqué moments, so, presumably, the show will take things even further.

It’s not all raunchy, of course. While we do see Lauren Lapkus spoofing reality dating shows by telling the contestants that she can only choose three to sleep with, there’s also John Early’s character explaining to his date that he got a scar on his forehead after a trust fall accident. With The Characters‘ variety of comedians, the show should, in theory, appeal to an eclectic group of comedy fans.

The eight comedians that star in The Characters include Kate Berlant, Dr. Brown, Paul Downs, Tim Robinson, Natasha Rothwell, and Henry Zebrowski, in additon to Early and Lapkus. Members of the group have worked on everything from Orange Is the New Black to Heroes: Reborn to Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. Nonetheless, Netflix promises that we’ll see them as we never have before — “and never will again.”

Netflix Presents: The Characters will debut on March 11.

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