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New Transformers: Age of Extinction teasers reveal more of Dinobots and villains

new transformers age extinction teasers reveal dinobots villains of

We’re only a few weeks away from the premiere of Transformers: Age Of Extinction, so it’s no surprise that more promotional footage from the film is making its way online. Two of the recent previews offer fans a bit more of both the villains set to be introduced, plus the long-awaited debut of the Dinobots.

In a television spot that debuted at CraveOnline, the raging Dinobots get the spotlight, with a brief scene featuring fire-breathing Tyrannosaurus Rex ‘bot Grimlock letting loose with a roar at Stanley Tucci while Mark Wahlberg stands nearby. The 15-second teaser closes with a sequence that answers one of the big questions fans have been asking about Age Of Extinction, as Grimlock is seen bellowing flames on a bridge then transforming into his humanoid robot form. So there you have it, Transformers fans: Grimlock will indeed transform.

As for the second television spot to arrive online recently, the new footage provided by Paramount Pictures puts the emphasis on the film’s villains, revealing the facial features of gun-faced robot assassin Lockdown (voiced by Mark Ryan) and hinting that the new, alien threat to the Autobots may have come to Earth on another character’s orders. There are also a few good scenes of the glorious, mechanized carnage created by the Dinobots as Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) rides Grimlock into battle.

You can watch both teasers below, and see the full film when Transformers: Age of Extinction arrives in theaters June 27. 

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