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Vigil, Peacock’s submarine thriller, teases murder at sea in new trailer

Police procedurals are some of the most common shows on TV. However, the first trailer for Peacock‘s Vigil navigates new ground by setting up an intriguing murder at sea — in a nuclear submarine. And the implications of this death may lead to even graver crimes.

Vigil debuted on BBC One earlier this year, and it all spins out of the death of Chief Petty Officer Craig Burke (Martin Compston). While Craig’s death is initially ruled a drug overdose, the subsequent investigation leads detective Chief Inspector Amy Silva (Suranne Jones) to conclude that he was murdered. But who among the crew could have killed Craig? And why did they want him dead?

Game of Thrones veteran Rose Leslie co-stars in Vigil as Kirsten Longacre, a detective sergeant who is partnered up with Amy for this case. While Amy handles the investigation aboard the HMS Vigil itself, Kirsten chases leads onshore in Scotland. Their findings will cause some friction between the Scottish police and the Royal Navy, which wants to protect its secrets. But perhaps more disturbingly, the specter of war hangs over the investigation.

Vigil | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

Paterson Joseph co-stars as Cmdr. Neil Newsome, the Captain of HMS Vigil. Some of the officers under Newsome’s command include Shaun Evans as Warrant Officer Class One Elliot Glover, Adam James as Lt. Cmdr. Mark Prentice, Dan Li as Lt. Cmdr. Hennessy, Lorne MacFadyen as Chief Petty Officer Matthew Doward, Connor Swindells as Lt. Simon Hadlow, Lois Chimimba as Chief Petty Officer Tara Kierly, Daniel Portman as Chief Petty Officer Gary Walsh, and Anjli Mohindra as Surgeon Lieutenant Tiffany Docherty. Another Game of Thrones actor, Stephen Dillane, appears as the Head of the Royal Navy Submarine Service, Rear Adm. Shaw.

Suranne Jones in Vigil.
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Gary Lewis also stars in the series as Detective Superintendent Colin Robertson, with Lauren Lyle as Jade Antoniak, Therese Bradley as Laura Michaels, Parth Thakerar as Jay Kohli, Lolita Chakrabarti as Lt. Cmdr. Erin Branning, Orla Russell as Poppy, and Reuben Joseph as DS Porter.

Vigil was created and written by Tom Edge, but the original idea was conceived by George Aza-Selinger. The six episodes of Vigil will make their American premiere on Peacock on Thursday, December 23.

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