Prison Break ‘sequel’ coming to Fox in 2016

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Conspiring brothers Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows will officially be back to game the prison system in Prison Break, a reboot of the late ‘00s show on Fox. Co-stars Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell as well as creator/executive producer Paul Scheuring will return to the show, which has been confirmed for 10 episodes in 2016 according to Deadline. While it’s only been a few years since the show left the air in 2009, Fox execs noted that its success on Netflix spurred its return.

“One of our shows that has exploded on Netflix is Prison Break,” said Fox TV co-chairman Dana Walden to the LA Times in January. “That’s introduced the show to a whole new audience of young people who perhaps were not aware of it when it was on the air. So the momentum of the nostalgia of those titles combined with the new platforms make us look at an opportunity like [reviving the show].”

Walden explained yesterday at the Television Critics Assn. press tour that the show will be a sequel, continuing the brothers’ story a few years after its last season and will feature some of the show’s “iconic” characters. “I don’t think Paul [Scheuring] knows exactly where he’s going over the 10-episode arc, but it definitely will address some questions that were set up at the end of the series for a new audience,” he said according to TV Line.

As The Verge notes, it will be a challenge for the revived show to seem believable with the same characters considering most of them had died by the end of the show. That said, Walden isn’t too worried. “What [Scheuring] pitched to us was a very logical and believable — in the world of Prison Break — explanation for why our characters are alive and still moving around the world.”