The Interview casts Seth Rogen and James Franco as the worst assassins ever in new trailer

seth rogen and james francos the interview gets a new teaser trailer poster crop

You wouldn’t think international espionage and assassination would make for appropriate comedy fodder, but that’s the theme of Seth Rogen and James Franco’s upcoming film The Interview, which casts the pair as unlikely — and wildly unqualified — assassins tasked with eliminating North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.

Along with a cool, retro-propaganda poster for the film (posted below) that co-director and producer Evan Goldberg revealed via Twitter, the film also delivered its first teaser trailer this week (embedded below). The teaser offers a glimpse at the international shenanigans that are certain to occur when frequent collaborators Rogen and Franco set their sights on the infamous overlord of nuclear-armed North Korea. 

the interview poster

In the film, Franco plays the role of popular celebrity interviewer Dave Skylark, whose producer friend Aaron Rapoport books an unprecedented Q&A with Kim Jong-Un. After the pair is approached by the CIA, they agree to use their sit-down opportunity with the feared dictator to assassinate him, and embark on a dangerous mission to rid the world of him.

Co-directed by Rogen and Goldberg — who previously teamed up for This Is The End in 2013– The Interview also stars Lizzy Caplan, Randall Park, and Diana Bang. It was written by Goldberg, Rogen, and Dan Sterling.

The Interview hits theaters October 10. 


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