Oh hell yes! Sharknado 4 is already confirmed

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Is it a shark? Is it a tornado? Or both? The premise for the Sharknado movies is so horribly awful, which is precisely what has made them become a cult hit. So much so, in fact, that while Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! just debuted on Syfy, director Anthony C. Ferrante has already confirmed that a fourth flick is in the works, reports Variety.

The franchise that has single-handedly kept the careers of actors like Ian Ziering (Beverly Hills 90210) and Tara Reid (American Pie) alive follows a seemingly unending flood of sharks falling from the skies in the form of a massive tornado. Hence, Sharknado.

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Sharknado 3 was perfectly set up to keep fans anxious for a fourth instalment, with (spoiler alert) Tara Reid’s character April left in limbo: will she survive? And in a twist of 21st century genius, Ferrante is opening up her fate to fans, allowing them to vote on whether she lives or dies in Sharknado 4. Though considering Ferrante compares doing a Sharknado film without Ziering or Reid to doing Die Hard without Bruce Willis, one can be led to believe that April will live to die another day.

“As long as Syfy wants them, we’ll keep doing them,” Ferrante told Variety of the movies. Judging from audience reaction, Syfy will be itching for a new film. What might be in store for the fourth film? He hinted that the Sharknado problem may be taken worldwide.

The three prior films have been spectacular trainwrecks. Rotten Tomatoes scores for the first three films are 82%, 59%, and 42%.

Perhaps most exciting about each Sharknado film are the number of crazy cameos. In the latest, we saw everyone from Marc Cuban to David Hasselhoff, Maria Menounos, and Jerry Springer. Who’s on Ferrante’s cameo hit list for Sharknado 4? Bill Murray, though he admits that he wouldn’t be able to pay him more than a “Fig Newton” and maybe a beer with their budget.

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