Stan Lee Media Sues Conan

stan lee media sues conan movieConan the Barbarian may soon be facing a different type of battle than he is used. While the character is best known for crushing his enemies, seeing them driven before him and hearing the lamentation of their women, the character’s most deadly adventure yet may soon find him at the mercy of the dreaded scourge known as lawyers. And while these lawyers may not be able to turn into snakes (insert your own joke here) or lead hordes down upon unsuspecting villages (see previous insert your own joke comment), they could have an impact on the future of the character.

Stan Lee Media, Inc. (SLMI) has petitioned a judge to rule in its favor regarding the rights of the character of Conan the Barbarian. SLMI is claiming that the rights to Robert E. Howard’s character still legally belong to them, and it is seeking 100-percent of the profits from the recent film adaptation starring Jason Momoa as the title character.  

According to, lawyers for SLMI are claiming that its 2001 bankruptcy should have prevented anyone from being able to take the rights of the character away from them. It also claims that it was betrayed by a former lawyer that made an illegal deal which allowed the film to be made.

While the tale of betrayal and false promises may be right up Conan’s ally, the likely result is a less than spectacular legal battle that would bore Crom.

The filmmakers have yet to respond, but it may be a moot point if SLMI is after the profits. The new Conan the Barbarian film cost $90 million to make, but has to date only made $18.3 million worldwide since its August 19 opening.