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Stan Lee Wants Superhero Stories on YouTube

Stan Lee: A Special Announcement with YouTube Spaces!
Stan Lee is working pretty dang hard for a 92-year-old.

The former chairman of Marvel Comics and co-creator of iconic superhero franchises including Spider-Man and Iron Man has announced that his company Pow! Entertainment has teamed up with YouTube to create original, superhero-related content titled “World of Superheroes” on the world’s biggest video hosting site.

“We’re celebrating the superhero genre, and I’m excited to partner with YouTube Spaces to help develop ideas and create new superheroes along with some of the most brilliant and creative minds in the entertainment industry,” Lee said.

Pow! Entertainment has built cinematic quality sets at YouTube Spaces studios in Los Angeles, New York, London, Tokyo and São Paulo, according to a press release. The sets are designed to all content creators a chance to bring a cinema-quality look and feel to their videos. The sets reportedly include a secret lair with a high-tech command center, a science lab, and a weapons locker — all foundations of a fine superhero flick. Green screens will also be made availble to bring the superhero stories to places typically seen only in big-budget films.

YouTube creators  expected to join the program have been identified as Machinima, who work with Warner Bros., TheBrothersRiedell, Adi Shankar, and Lana McKissack. The program will also offer training sessions with stunt coordinators, visual-effects experts and costumers, all to bring the original content to life.

In an interesting twist, 12 channels will be selected to take part in a script consultation meeting with Lee’s development team, while another six channels will get one-on-one consultation from Lee himself. Other creators will also be able to present their content at Lee’s 2015 Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles this fall. So if you are a superhero-focused YouTuber and want to get your story the spotlight it deserves, this might be your chance.

Videos from the “World of Superheroes” program are expected to arrive in mid-June. All promotion will be done on Lee’s “World of Heroes” YouTube channel and the official YouTube Spaces channel.

Find out more by visiting YouTube Spaces.

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