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Crackle original series 'StartUp' delves into the high-stakes world of fintech

Crackle’s new original series StartUp, which stars Adam Brody (The OC, CHiPS) and Martin Freeman (Fargo, Captain America: Civil War), has gotten an official premiere date. The 10-episode first season will premiere on Tuesday, September 6.

The show follows the story of three strangers who come upon a brilliant yet controversial digital currency tech idea called GenCoin (sound familiar?) It has the potential to truly change the world. But these people aren’t exactly your typical incubators, described as being “on the wrong side of the tracks.” Thus, they end up in a dangerous game involving a Haitian gang and crooked FBI agent Phil Rask that will go to any length to bring them down.

Brody plays the uber-smart boutique firm financier Nick Talman, while Freeman is the aforementioned agent who seems to have a vendetta with Talman’s father. After Talman’s dad goes missing, Nick attempts to hide the family money in this tech venture, the creation of tech whiz/hacker Izzy Morales, who will be played by Otmara Marrero (Graceland). Also starring is The Blacklist’s Ed Gathegi as Ronald Dacey, a key member of the Haitian gang, which left the money with Talman’s father.

The cast additionally includes Wayne Knight (Seinfeld) who plays Benedict Blush, a successful entrepreneur with “blue-collar sensibilities;” and Aaron Yoo (21, Blacklist) as Alex Bell, a hot premiere tech venture capitalist.

Set in Miami, Sony Pictures Television, which owns Crackle, describes the series as an “exciting narrative, focusing on the high-stakes struggle of what one will do to reach ultimate success.”

StartUp is produced by Critical Content and Hollywood Gang Productions. Tom Forman, Andrew Marcus, Ray Ricord, Gianni Nunnari and Shannon Gaulding all serve as executive producers. The series is written by Ben Ketai (Chosen, The Forest) who also serves as executive producer and director. Brody and Anne Clements (Cleaners) are producers.

At a time when start-up culture and new tech ventures, particularly in fintech and mobile payments, are arguably at their hottest, the show has a good chance at resonating with viewers. If the previously released teaser trailer (shown above) is any indication, it showcases a passionate battle, both internally and externally, between good intentions and temptation. After all, any good technology, in the wrong hands, can become bad.

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