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New 'Suicide Squad' posters are an explosion of colors

suicide squad box office projections
Warner Bros.
We’ve reported extensively on the wild, roller-coaster ride that has been the production of Suicide Squad, and the film doesn’t seem like it’s ready to let us disembark just yet. After it underwent highly publicized reshoots to make it more fun, uncertainty abounded over what sort of tone it was trying to strike, but some new art may give us a better idea of what we’re in for when this thing actually hits theaters.

As reported by ScreenCrush, two new Suicide Squad posters dropped earlier this week, and no one can accuse them of being overly drab and dark. The first is essentially a multicolored hodgepodge of stickers in the shape of a mushroom cloud and features the film’s title, underscored by the words “Worst. Heroes. Ever.” The second looks like a bowl of limited edition Lucky Charms that you might find at, say, Hot Topic. It reads “They’re Magically Delicious.” Oops, scratch that. It reads,“We Need Them Bad.”


While both posters are undoubtedly fun, we can’t help but feel that both are bizarrely juvenile. That said, perhaps making the film more fun was code for making it more teen/tween friendly. After all — despite talk of how it was so dark that it needed an on-set therapist — it did just receive a PG-13 rating.


In any case, you can color us thoroughly confused at this point. Whether this film is a dark and dreary downer, a fun and lighthearted romp, or a muddled mix of both, we won’t be surprised.

Suicide Squad  stars Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne and Jared Leto. The film is set to hit theaters August 5, but stay tuned, as it’s bound to make plenty of news before then.

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