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Trump cancels on Jimmy Kimmel, gets lambasted accordingly

jimmy kimmel live co hosting
Jimmy Kimmel took the opportunity to skewer Donald Trump after the presidential candidate reportedly cancelled last night’s scheduled appearance on the show at the last minute.

Trump was supposed to appear on the Tuesday night episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which is filming a special one-week run in Brooklyn, NY this week. According to Kimmel, Trump’s “people” called the previous night to cancel. The reason was supposedly cryptic, and due to a “major political commitment.”

It begs the question: wouldn’t Trump have had prior knowledge of this political commitment if it were so major? Kimmel’s guess is that perhaps he had to appear on CNN to “call someone an idiot or something.”

In typical Kimmel style, the host went on to mock Trump. “We told them there were cameras here, right?” he asks his producer, who’s standing backstage. “Are Tuesday nights the night he volunteers down at the orphanage?”

He also joked that Trump wanted him to relay to the audience that had he been there, he would have been great.

Despite Trump bailing, Kimmel still had a stellar second show for his week-long New York filming, with Jay Z appearing and performing, and Tracy Morgan showing up to help nicely fill the hour on his comeback tour.

Trump may be doing well in the polls, but got a loud round of boos from the Kimmel audience after going MIA. “I guess now he’s glad he didn’t come!” joked Kimmel, adding a positive spin: “at least we won’t have to build a wall around Guillermo tonight.” (For those unfamiliar, apart from being Kimmel’s parking lot security attendant and sidekick on the show, Guillermo is a Mexican immigrant.) Kimmel ended his monologue by letting the audience know that everyone would get a “basketball soaked in cologne” to fully experience what it would have been like to have seen Trump on the show.

Adding fuel to the late night political fire, Kimmel has booked another presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, to appear on the show tonight. There’s no doubt that the subject of Trump will come up in conversation. And Kimmel gets the last laugh, as appearing along with Sanders will be none other than Marty McFly himself, Michael J. Fox, on the day his character traveled to the future in Back to the Future II, October 21, 2015, now known as Back to the Future Day. Trump, who?

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