Vin Diesel reveals new concept art for Riddick sequel

vin diesel reveals new concept art for riddick sequelIt’s not all car chases and heists for Fast Five star Vin Diesel — sometimes there’s some alien-killing to be done, too.

A third live-action film in Diesel’s Chronicles of Riddick franchise has been in the works for a while now, but the actor gave fans their first peek at what’s in store for the next film — simply titled Riddick — this weekend on his Facebook page.

Titled “The Final Stand of Riddick,” the illustration posted by Diesel features Riddick brawling with what looks like a sea of clawed aliens on a n alien planet. It’s a scene that should feel familiar to fans of the film that kick-started the franchise, 2000’s sci-fi horror Pitch Black.

Here’s what Diesel had to say about the art:

Concept art and Key frames allow a production to explore possibilities before actually committing to film. The road to the “R” rating, that so many of you were vocal about, has been a long one. The advantage however, (never empower the negatives) was that we were allowed a really extensive preproduction. The art work is so good, the artists have really outdone themselves in illustrating this world at it’s early stage.

While Diesel didn’t offer any clues as to the film’s schedule, he did remind fans that the sequel owes its existence to their support.

“When this film comes to the screen… know that you willed it into being,” he wrote.

Thus far, the only official information known about the film is that franchise director David Twohy will be behind the camera once again, and Diesel will reprise his role as Riddick.