Watch: Jimmy Fallon ruins Zac Efron’s suit in Egg Russian Roulette

Jimmy Fallon always has new ways for his guests to entertain the audience, but Zac Efron probably got more than he bargained for during a recent episode of The Tonight Show. Instead of getting to teach the host a dance or compete in a lip sync battle, the actor was coerced into a game of Egg Russian Roulette, which pits two players against each other in a messy affair.

In the clip, the duo are presented with a dozen eggs, eight of which have been hard-boiled and four of which are raw. The rules are simple: they take turns smashing eggs on their heads until one is unlucky enough to end up with two of the uncooked ones. It’s straightforward, but ridiculous, which is what makes it so fun.

It seems like you’d be able to tell just by holding an egg whether it’s been cooked or not, but it turns out that it’s harder than you’d think. Both Efron and Fallon think they’ve got raw ones on their first try, but Fallon — an Egg Roulette vet — warns that you never know. When they bash their first eggs, both end up being safe.

Efron’s not so fortunate on his next egg, though. He knows immediately that it’s going to be a messy one and takes a minute to lament what’s about to happen to his outfit. “I loved this suit before,” he says as he breaks the egg over his head. As yolk runs off his head and neck and onto his suit, Fallon’s nice enough to tell Efron to send him the dry cleaning bill.

Perhaps the best part of the video are the shots in slow motion. They’re so good that even Efron feels compelled to comment on them after Fallon gets his first raw egg. Efron’s egg puns are also hard to beat, though. “It’s a good egg,” he tells Fallon, along with “You have so much egg on your face… literally and figuratively.”