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Prime Stations and X-Ray Lyrics come to Amazon Prime Music users in the U.K.

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Amazon launched Prime Music for customers in the U.K. six months ago, but the service lacked some features U.S. customer enjoyed, including Prime Stations, which had launched months before. Now Amazon Prime customers in the U.K. will finally have feature parity.

Today Amazon announced that U.K. customers are getting not only Prime Stations, but also X-Ray Lyrics, which allows listeners to read a song’s lyrics while listening to the tune. The service’s catalog is still lacking when compared to Spotify or Apple Music, but the Pandora-like Prime Stations certainly helps to make it more attractive, especially for Prime customers who don’t want to pay for an extra service.

“With Stations we’ve introduced another feature for Prime members to discover great music at no additional cost to their membership,” EU director of Digital Music at Amazon Steve Bernstein said. “Whether customers are on the move, at work, or entertaining, there’s no shortage of choice with hundreds of Prime Music Stations to choose from. And with the skip, thumbs up, and thumbs down functions, customers can take full control of their stations and adapt them to their music tastes.”

Amazon doesn’t give an exact count of just how many Prime Stations are available, simply saying there are “hundreds.” Stations include typical genres like ’80s Pop, ’90s Indie, Top Hard Rock, and Vocal Jazz as well as artist stations ranging from Ariana Grande to ZZ Top.

Since the service is included with an Amazon Prime membership, it is ad-free and doesn’t feature any restrictions on skipping or replaying songs. Like Pandora and other similar services, users can “train” stations through user feedback, tailoring the music selections to their own tastes.

Prime Stations is available almost everywhere that Prime Music is, including the Web, Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets, and its apps for Android, iOS, Mac, and PC. X-Ray Lyrics is available on Kindle and Fire TV devices as well as iOS and Android.

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