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This crazy subwoofer backpack hopes to let you bring the boom anywhere

If you’re all about that bass — and your Beats headphones just aren’t cutting it anymore — there’s no need to go anywhere without it. New York City-based start-up bassAware has launched a CrowdSupply campaign for its latest technology, Drop, a wearable audio device that is designed to allow you to literally feel the bass without disturbing anyone around you.

Designed to strap on similar to a small backpack, Drop is extremely portable, letting wearers enhance their music-listening experience, no matter where they are. The device uses tactile transducers and vibration to give listeners the bass they want without actually creating any noise. The wearer’s body feels sensations created by Drop in their upper back that the company claims are ultimately translated by the nervous system into heard sounds.

Not only does Drop work with a variety of audio sources, from your laptop to your smartphone, the device incorporates bassAware’s new Boost Mic Mode technology, which allows it to sync with home stereos and even sound systems at venues — you know, in case those massive towers at the front of the room just aren’t hitting hard enough.

The company claims the Drop is lightweight enough to bring anywhere and everywhere — as long as you aren’t worried about being that weirdo with a subwoofer strapped to his back. Plus, the pack is designed to fit a variety of body types comfortably. It even has pockets where you can stow your music player or other possessions, and the lithium ion battery pack can last for 12 to 20 hours of continuous use.

For a truly immersive, full-body experience, Drop can be used with your music player and wired headphones. According to bassAware, doing so adds “physical punch” to premium model headphones, but can even improve how lower quality ones sound. Drop is also meant to enhance music production, virtual reality devices, watching movies, and playing video games.

The recent crowdfunding campaign, which ends on Nov. 2, has four pledge levels, ranging from $10 to $999. As you go up in price, the packages comprise increasingly advanced versions of the technology, from a DIY version of Drop to an assembled one including Premium Audeze EL8 closed back headphones.

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