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free all musicA start-up called Free All Media says its offering free music downloads through Facebook—no monetary cost, legal, iPod compatible, high-quality DRM-free MP3s. Artists get paid; you get their music free, and even the Free All Media company supposedly turns a profit.

Free is a nice word but usually its a marketing trapcard, so its only natural for you to be a little skeptical. There is always a catch, and in this case users get their free music downloads in exchange for watching one Online ad through Facebook, or by performing an action such as liking a brand’s Facebook fanpage–basically interacting with a brand somehow. To access the portal, you also need to be comfortable with allowing basic access to your FB info.

All Things Digital points out that Free All Media’s business model is a combination of two marketing tactics: “Marketers who buy music and give it away for promotions, and marketers who reward Facebook users for ‘Liking’ them.”

The company buys songs wholesale—at 70 cents a song—from the EMI and Universal music labels, and is working on a deal with Sony and Warner. Free All Media then partners with brand such as Coca-Cola or Budwiser, charging them per views and grabbing a profit. Recently appointed CEO Habib Khoury said the company is “en route” to a Series A after $1.7 million raised.

Is FAM “en route” to taking down streaming services like Spotify and Pandora? Probably not since its music isn’t convenient and is such a limited selection; but its a nice wholesome feeling to know you own a free song and didn’t have to steal it. Free All Music is currently only available on Facebook but will soon be branching out to other social network sites like Google Plus.

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