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Organize your expanding vinyl collection with these stylish wood dividers

A few weeks ago, we showed you a Kickstarter project for the Wax Stacks vinyl storage system (which is now fully funded, by the way). Now we’d like to point you toward some top-notch vinyl organization tools that would make the perfect companion to a Wax Stacks bin, or any other vinyl storage solution, for that matter. Check out this suite of typographic wood dividers from Kate Koeppel Design.

The more your record collection grows, the harder it gets to find the LP you want — where did that Lou Reed Transformer record disappear to? With the right set of dividers, organizing and finding a record can be a breeze, no matter how many records you’ve got stockpiled away in your listening room, or how many licorice pizzas you pile on to your library.

Kate Koeppel offers a number of divider options in multiple styles and sizes, whether you want to organize alphabetically, by genre, or both. Hell, you could even go auto-biographical ala High Fidelity, so you can tell people how you got from Deep Purple to Howlin’ Wolf in 25 moves.

Koeppel’s outfit is based in San Francisco, and employs a team of “organization-obsessed craftswomen” who source their supplies exclusively from California-based businesses. Koeppel herself is an avid collector, and wanted the very best, most stylish solution possible. The dividers — over 100 options in all — are laser cut to exacting specifications.

Koeppel’s designer wooden wonder-tools aren’t limited strictly to wrangling wax, either. The studio also offers organizational implements for CDs/DVDs/Blu-ray discs and books as well. Whatever style you need, Koeppels got it to help any collectibles enthusiast spend less time digging through milk crate after milk crate, or deeply packed shelves, and more time enjoying the beautiful bounty of your favorite bits of tangible media.

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