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Motorola’s Moto Stream polygon makes any speaker wireless

motorola moto stream wireless speaker

Motorola has introduced an interesting little device that plugs into any speaker and turns it into a wireless speaker. The black polygon, called Moto Stream, lights up with different colors on each of its triangular faces when you connect it to the speaker. Moto Stream uses Bluetooth signals to connect your smartphone, tablet, or computer to the speaker. You can even pair your device to Moto Stream using NFC.

Once you’ve got the whole system set up, you can connect up to five devices at a time via Bluetooth. Then, each of the five connected devices can be used as a remote control. So, if you’re at a party and you hate the song that’s playing, you can take over with what Motorola calls a “heist.” Of course, even if you change the song that’s playing, someone else could do the same thing to you at any time. 

The Moto Stream’s Bluetooth connection works from up to 300 feet away, so it’s perfect for parties and sharing music with friends. Up to five different people’s music libraries, Spotify playlists, and other music files are all easily accessible for your listening pleasure. That’s a lot of music. 

In addition to being really easy to use, Moto Stream is also really great to look at. It is shaped like an icosahedron, which has 20 triangular faces, 30 edges, and 12 vertices. Five of the faces even light up to indicate the status of the Moto Stream. In the video, you can see several colors, including dark blue, turquoise, green, purple, and yellow. The Moto Stream only lights up colorfully when it is active, though. Before you connect it, it’s just a strangely cute black polygon.

Moto Stream costs $50 and will go on sale at Radio Shack on June 6. You can also order the cute little polygon from Motorola’s website now. 

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