Questlove delves into his passion for food in new culinary book

questlove to publish new book about cooking
Famed Roots drummer and all-around musical guru Questlove (aka Ahmir-Khalib Thompson) is finishing up a new book about his favorite non-musical passion: Food.

Called Something to Food About: Exploring Creativity with America’s Most Innovative Chefs, the book will feature conversations with famous chefs from all over the United States, with Quest racking their brains in search of a deeper understanding of the creative thinking that enabled them to flourish in their craft.

Believe it or not, a well-researched book about the culinary arts isn’t so surprising from Questlove. The musician has, for a long time, been a noted food geek, even going so far as to host an Instagram account specifically dedicated to his edible explorations. He also curates collaborations between noted chefs in what he calls “food salons,” where he pairs up lauded culinary creators for new, collaborative, efforts in the kitchen.

One might wonder where he finds the time to be an author; The 44-year-old performs every weeknight on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, routinely DJs at venues around the world, and acts a producer for numerous up-and-coming artists, all in addition to the curation of one of the most impressive personal record collections in all of hip-hop.

However, Questlove didn’t accomplish his literary feat alone: the musician co-wrote the book with Ben Greenman, a novelist and Rolling Stone author who has experience pairing up with various other celebrities — from Gene Simmons to Simon Cowell. The pair previously worked together on Quest’s well-received 2013 memoir, Mo’ Meta Blues.

This will be the third literary effort from the hip-hop drummer, who, besides co-penning his autobiography, wrote an exploration of the culture surrounding the famed 1970s Soul Train TV show, entitled Soul Train: The Music, Dance, and Style of a Generation.

Questlove’s new book is already available for pre-release order on Amazon, but will officially go on sale on April 12, 2016.

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