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RHA’s new ultra-compact in-ears drop the price, shrink the size, and keep the style

RHA S500i
RHA has developed a reputation for sleek, stylish headphones with models like its T10 and T20 in-ears, both of which feature swappable filters allowing the listener to subtly sculpt their sound. The newest member of the family takes things in a different direction, but the style remains distinctly RHA.

Announced today, the RHA S500i are an ultra-compact pair of in-ears that are both more affordable than the company’s previous products, and easier to tuck away. Boasting an impressive frequency range of 16Hz-22kHz, the newly-designed “micro dynamic driver” aims to keep up with the standards set by the company’s other efforts, just in a smaller profile.

“The S500i is for those seeking an affordable, compact in-ear headphone that doesn’t sacrifice sound or build quality,” RHA product director Lewis Heath said in a press release.“By developing a micro dynamic driver that can offer exciting, full range sound reproduction and using aluminium alloy housings, we’ve been able to make the product incredibly small and lightweight and therefore comfortable for any size or shape of ear.”

RHA S500i close-up

The aluminium (that’s aluminum to those of us in the U.S.) build means that these are lighter than the company’s previous release, the T20 in-ears, which employ steel housing. However, the S500i should still be far sturdier than your average cheapo earbuds forged from plastic. The same minimalist appearance from the T20s is evident, but here the design is sharper and more angular. RHA clearly has confidence in the build, as the S500i ship with a three-year warranty.

The S500i model comes with a built-in mic and remote compatible with iOS devices, but the company will also release an S500 model later this year that eschews the remote. In true RHA style, seven pairs of silicon tips are included, as well as a clothing clip and a carrying pouch to keep the S500i protected while you’re on the go.

The RHA S500i will be officially unveiled next month at IFA in Berlin from September 4 to September 9. They’ll be shown again at CanJam London on September 29 and 30.

To actually purchase a pair, though, you’ll need to wait until October when the S500i will be available through the Apple Store Network for just $50. For more information, see the RHA website.

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