Tired of tangled wires? Samsung’s new Level U Bluetooth headset might be for you

There’s nothing worse than prepping for a jog only to find your earbuds in a tangled mess. Sure, straightening out the spaghetti isn’t too strenuous a chore, but it never ceases to annoy. That’s probably why the Bluetooth audio market is booming, and subsequently the reason Samsung introduced the wraparound, wireless Level U headset.

The Level U, the latest addition to Samsung’s line of Level audio products, is similar to others in its class in that it sits on the shoulder and extends to your ears — if the idea of wresting a plastic collar (albeit an “ergonomic” one) on back of your neck doesn’t sound appealing, the Level U isn’t for you.

Assuming the form factor isn’t a dealbreaker, Samsung’s crafted a stylish pair of headphones. The Level U, which thanks to flexible urethane material weighs a featherlight 33 grams, has an adjustable design with built-in playback controls for controlling volume and pausing, playing, and skipping audio. Its hybrid-style earbuds are magnetic — they snap together to prevent any accidental wire-crossing.

Arguably the most important element of any headset is the listening experience, though, and it sounds (no pun intended) like the Level U might deliver. The headphones pack larger-than-average 12mm drivers that pump “richer bass” and a “more balanced sound,” plus feature dual-microphone noise cancellation, and sport Samsung’s proprietary “echo reducing” technology. The Level U’s hardware sports Bluetooth 4.1 and the apt-X codec, which together, the company says, can drive “CD quality audio sound.”


On the software side of things, Samsung’s managed to cram a bunch of extra functionality into its Level app. You can answer calls with the Level U and its dual microphones make it ideally suited for that purpose. You can also get text-to-speech or vibrating notifications about missed calls, alarms, upcoming events, and battery level. Sound power-intensive? Not to worry — Samsung says the Level U lasts about 10 hours playing audio, 11 hours answering calls, and 500 hours on standby.

“The Level U Bluetooth headset is quite unusual, and that’s because we at Samsung have identified a truly new way of improving the mobile experience of our customers; we looked at what people really need and developed the new LEVEL U,” said Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, IT & Mobile Division at Samsung Electronics in a press release. “The LEVEL U combines fashion, comfort, and performance with cutting-edge wireless Bluetooth capabilities; this is a really easy-to-use headset, and our customers will enjoy it.”

Resolved to exercise unencumbered by wires and convinced the Level U’s for you? You won’t have to wait long to order a pair. The Level U’s available today in blue black, white, gold, and blue.

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