Snapchat jumps into music videos with new Goldroom collaboration

snapchat moves into hosting music videos goldroom press photo 2014 936x632
Like all good tech firms, popular messaging app Snapchat is constantly looking for creative ways to move beyond its roots. Snapchat’s latest plan is centered around a whole new frontier for the platform: music video production.

As the service’s first major musical collaboration, Snapchat has partnered with rising L.A.-based electronic musician Josh Legg, known as Goldroom, to release four music videos this week on the platform. Snapchat assisted with production of the videos, which were shot vertically to be tailored specifically for smartphone consumption.

“Snapchat is not only becoming the best way to interact with my fan base, but their dedication to the arts stands out from other media companies,” Legg explained to Forbes. “They stepped up and let us create a first of its kind; a short film released as four serialized music videos. As an artist, that was an opportunity too exciting to pass up.”

While Snapchat is known for its ability to send short messages that disappear mere moments after the recipient opens them, these music videos can be found within Snapchat Discover, the platform’s curated editorial section. Publications like CNN, ESPN, Vice, and now artists like Legg are hope to tap into the platform’s more than 100 million users, which skews markedly young.

This partnership is just the latest in Legg’s ongoing relationship with Snapchat. The artist was featured on the service when they debuted Snapchat Stories in 2013, and he’s continued to frequent the service. “I can put a chord progression I’m working on, or something as simple as what I eat for lunch,” Legg said to the New York Times. “Things that I figure the world probably doesn’t care about so I would never post in other places.”

While Snapchat may not be starting a record label (as the company allegedly attempted, according to The Verge), the brand has increasingly shown interest in collaborating with musicians. For rising artists who are trying to cut through the noise, partnering with Snapchat could help them break through. In addition, aging artist looking to find a younger audience have used the service, including pop star Madonna, who debuted a new music video on Snapchat in February.

While Snapchat hasn’t commented, we expect more musical collaborations on the platform going forward. We’ll keep you updated.