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Sonos confirms Apple Music is coming to its speakers this year, just not at launch

It can’t be easy being Sonos and watching the latest streaming services pop up. It seems that Sonos only just added support for Tidal to its multi-room speakers, and now customers are asking when they can expect to see support for Apple Music added to their units.

It’s been common knowledge for some time that Sonos wouldn’t support Apple Music at launch, but we had no idea when we would see support for the service added. Details still aren’t concrete, but at least now we know that we shouldn’t have to wait until 2016.

Last week, Apple Music senior direction Ian Rogers replied to a question via Twitter, saying that Sonos would see Apple Music “ASAP, but not at launch.” Yesterday Sonos cleared things up even further, confirming to The Verge that it was working with Apple to add support for the service “before the end of the year.”

This may not be the news that Sonos owners planning on an immediate switch to Apple Music were hoping to hear, but at least they know that support for the service is coming. For the time being, workarounds involving an Apple TV or Airport Express are available. This is less than ideal, but it’s still better than nothing.

If you plan on waiting until Sonos officially adds support before you give Apple Music a try, there are plenty of other streaming services available for the speaker. While Spotify is the obvious choice, those who are looking for more fidelity can opt for Deezer or the previously mentioned Tidal.

Apple Music is set to launch tomorrow, June 30, and will cost roughly the same as other services, with Tidal being the exception. Individual plans will cost $10 per month, while family plans with support for up to six family members will cost $15 per month.

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