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Spotify’s Family Plan just got much better for bigger families

Even though Spotify is currently in the lead in the battle for streaming music supremacy, with more than 30 million paying subscribers and an estimated user base of over 100 million, it doesn’t feel it can afford to let its competition gain any ground. And so the company is closing the gap in one area where Apple Music has managed to stay ahead until now: pricing for families.

While Apple has offered a flat pricing structure for families since the launch of Apple Music last year, Spotify maintained a more complicated pricing scheme that got more expensive as more family members were added to the plan. Now the service’s Family Plan is getting an update that sees it moving to the same flat pricing structure of $15 per month (or the equivalent in local pricing).

The newly updated Family Plan supports up to six family members for that flat price, making it cheaper for nearly everyone, but if you were paying for the plan in order to share with one other person, the price will simply stay the same. As was always the case, the new Family Plan provides each member with their own separate account.

The new Family Plan is rolling out globally right now, except for Canada, where it has yet to launch at all. Updated pricing should automatically be applied to existing accounts, but if you’ve been waiting for cheaper pricing before adding more family members to your account, head to the Family Plan page on the Spotify website for more information or to add members to your plan.

Earlier this month, Spotify’s vice president of sales, Jonathan Forster, said that the company had continued to grow faster than ever since the launch of Apple Music last year, and this new family pricing should help the firm keep that up. That said, rumors have been swirling that Apple is planning a major design overhaul for Apple Music ahead of WWDC, with a planned marketing blitz to match, so it’s certainly wise for Spotify to do everything it can to try and stay ahead.

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