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Did you get a new MacBook Pro? You may want the new Spotify, too

spotify macbook pro update
If you have a new MacBook, you ought to get the new Spotify to go along with it. Now that your machine has received a few upgrades, so too has your favorite music streaming software. The Spotify app for Mac now comes with a number of new features specifically designed for the updated laptop from Apple. Not only does it support the new Touch Bar controls (which you’ll find on the latest MacBook Pros), but it also integrates with the much anticipated AirPods.

First and foremost, the new Spotify experience for MacBook Pros hopes to mirror the iTunes experience about as closely as possible. You can use the Touch Bar to scroll through your music library, hit pause, play, or shuffle your tracks. Moreover, there’s a new volume slider located in the Touch Bar, which means that you can control how loud your tunes are independent of the rest of your computer’s sound.

There’s also a new feature specifically for AirPods — auto-pause. Given that it’ll probably take you and your ears some time to acclimate to wireless earphones, and your AirPods may pop out from time to time, you can rest assured that Spotify won’t keep going without you. Rather, whatever song or piece you’re listening to will be automatically paused when your AirPods come out (either accidentally or on purpose). Curiously enough, this wasn’t something Spotify actually told users about. Rather, it was something that a number of Spotify enthusiasts discovered on their own.

These latest updates will likely help Spotify solidify its reign in the music-streaming kingdom. While Apple Music is doing its best to catch up, it has only half the number of premium subscribers at 20 million (Spotify boasts 40 million).

If you’re looking to download the newest version of Spotify, simply head on over to the company’s site. Whether you want to pay for the service or not, you’ll still get these new features (provided you have the hardware to go along with them).

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