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Tidal’s new ‘Contributor Mix’ is an in-depth look at your favorite artists

Tidal, a global music streaming and entertainment service, is rolling out two new features that will further enhance the ability to customize your music listening experience. Called “Contributor Mix” and “History Mix,” the two new features can be used independently or together to provide a curated selection of playlists based on listening patterns. History Mix became available earlier this month, but Contributor Mix is debuting today.

If you are a music fan, but haven’t heard of Tidal, you’re missing out on one of the best high-fidelity audio experiences out there. Though not the only player in the CD-quality, high-resolution audio space, Tidal separates itself from the likes of Amazon Music with added benefits to the service.

These include Tidal Master tracks, support for 360 Reality Audio, Dolby Atmos Music, articles and videos exclusive to the platform, and curated playlists. You can read all about Tidal in our in-depth article here.

Contributor Mixes follow last year’s release of Tidal’s interactive credits feature, which throws the spotlight on background singers, lyricists, producers, and mixing engineers, with the goal of exploring the entirety of a streamer’s favorite music.

Contributor Mixes spotlight behind-the-scenes creatives with an in-depth look at their discographies. Tidal says these mixes are the next evolution in the development of an ecosystem that highlights everyone involved in the music-making process.

These mixes can range across multiple contributors as well as different genres including hip-hop, pop, and R&B. All mixes will feature between 25 and 50 of an artists’ most popular written or produced tracks. Tidal members will receive a curated selection of contributor playlists based on their listening patterns featuring songs from the contributor’s discography. Contributor mixes will also be available on select artists’ pages for additional discovery opportunities.

History Mixes are what they sound like: The ability to dive into your own personal listening history archives. You will be able to sort by All Time, Yearly, and Monthly, and Tidal will highlight your most-streamed tracks as far back as 2018. The “All Time” playlist features your top 200 tracks over the course of their subscription,  “Yearly” playlist includes top 100 tracks over the past year, and the “Monthly” playlist highlights the top 50 tracks each month. History Mixes can be viewed directly on your homepage in-app or via their website.

Both Contributor Mix and History Mix join My Mix and My Video Mix, two current playlists generated via Tidal’s proprietary algorithms that the company says are influenced by human-curation as well as the streamer’s personal listening habits. The goal here is to not only provide the highest quality sound, but to do so with the closest attention paid to each individual listener.

You can learn more about the new Contributor Mix and History Mix, as well as Tidal’s entire service, at

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