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Listen up! Now you can livestream Internet radio shows on your blog using TuneIn

tunein share live radio station feature android
TuneIn has been knocking around under one name or another since 2002, though the radio station streaming service really took off when its iPhone app showed up in 2009.

With some 50 million monthly active users streaming more than 100,000 radio stations around the world, we’d be surprised if you’ve never heard of TuneIn. In fact, you may already have it on your smartphone, tablet or some other connected device and use it regularly as your main way of listening to live audio shows.

Despite its massive user base, the Silicon Valley company refuses to rest on its laurels and is constantly coming up with new ways to develop its service and get it front of those peeps who continue to live oblivious to its existence.

The team’s latest effort lands in the form of a brand new mobile-optimized embed feature that in just a few clicks lets you place a live radio station onto any website or blog.

Ideal for broadcasters looking for a simple solution to take their programming to a wider audience, or for bloggers keen to share a favorite station with their followers, the embed player only takes a moment to set up. With any live station on TuneIn, just hit the share button, copy the embed code that pops up, paste it in to your site’s code, and voila! – your radio station of choice is playing on your website.

A button on the player lets visitors easily share the station with others, while clicking on the player itself opens up your TuneIn app or, if you don’t have it, takes you to the app store so you can download it – yes, the company is planning on scoring a few extra users with its latest feature.

For now, the player works only with live stations, though it has plans to add on-demand content like podcasts in the future.

Commenting on the new feature, TuneIn’s Kristin George said, “With the new player, users will be able to embed live audio for the first time, directly from our mobile apps and,” adding that it’ll provide “a seamless experience to listen to live audio anywhere on the Web.”

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