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Louder, smarter, stronger: UE completes weatherproof speaker trifecta with Boom 2

Those who enjoy music in the elements don’t want to have to worry about pesky little things like mud, snow, and sand messing with their wireless mobile speakers. Ultimate Ears continues to make life easier for adventurous music lovers with the launch of its latest Bluetooth speaker, the UE Boom 2. A follow-up to 2013’s UE Boom, the new “anywhere-you-go-proof” device is louder, more durable, and has a longer wireless range and innovative new controls.

Like its siblings, the Megaboom and the Roll, the Boom 2 features a rugged design that can weather water, mud, and even some serious daily abuse. The water bottle-sized speaker is not only waterproof, it’s designed to withstand falls from up to five feet high, making it perfect to bring along on all of your adventures, whether that be rafting down a river or cycling down a trail. And at $200, the new speaker also hits the sweet spot in UE’s new all-terrain lineup, set nicely between the $100 Roll, and the $300 Mega Boom, all of which can stand up to the elements in almost any setting.

Thanks to a 15-hour battery runtime, the Boom 2 provides long-lasting entertainment. Like its predecessor, the new device also touts 360-degree sound, but the Boom 2 is 25 percent louder. If that’s still not enough volume for you, you can pair it with any other Ultimate Ears speaker to double the sound.

Another way the Boom 2 dials things up is with its longer wireless range. The Bluetooth range is now twice as long as the first Boom, allowing the speaker to receive signal up to 100 feet away from your source device. The speaker can also be turned on remotely through your phone — something unique to UE’s specialized app (available for iOS and Android) — and both your phone or a new tap control can be used to change the song. The app also makes the speaker capable of serving as your alarm, waking you up with your favorite music.

The new UE BOOM 2, which comes in six new colors, is expected to become available in the U.S. and parts of Europe and Asia later this month at $200.

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B&O’s picnic basket speaker pumps out 280 watts of power while it charges your phone
Bang & Olufsen Beosound A5 in natural aluminum/light oak.

No, the iconic Danish audio company Bang & Olufsen (B&O) does not refer to its new Beosound A5 portable speaker as a picnic basket, but one look at the photos and the comparison becomes unavoidable. Still, picnic basket looks or not, the A5 packs an impressive array of design and technology, which given its starting price of $1,049, you'd hope would be the case. You can buy the Beosound A5 starting April 27 in stores and online at

B&O says the A5, which comes in two colors (natural aluminum/light oak and black aluminum/dark oak), is the result of a collaboration with the Danish-Italian design team, GamFratesi. It's got an IP65 rating for dust and water resistance, and most of the parts -- including the exterior grilles and the handle -- can be easily replaced or swapped out. As part of B&O's Mozart family of products, even the A5's communication module can be upgraded over time.

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Marshall’s latest Bluetooth speaker has four drivers for 360 sound
Marshall Middleton.

The Marshall Middleton ($299) is the company's latest addition to its lineup of guitar amp-inspired Bluetooth speakers, and it's available starting January 31 at The Middleton, as its name somewhat suggests, sits in the middle of the Marshall portable family -- it shares the same rectangular shape as the Emberton II but is heavier and more powerful than the Stockton II.

What makes the Middleton stand out is its unique quad-driver configuration, which places speakers on all four sides. There are two full-range drivers, each with its own 20-watt amplifier, and two tweeters, powered by a pair of 10-watt amps.  The Middleton uses the same "true stereophonic" system as the Emberton II to achieve what the company calls multidirectional, 360-degree stereo sound.

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House of Marley is back with its loudest, sustainably-designed Bluetooth speaker
House of Marley Get Together 2 XL Bluetooth speaker.

You've got endless options when it comes to choosing a powerful Bluetooth speaker, but if you want one with a kinder approach to the earth, it's hard to beat House of Marley's (HoM) new Get Together 2 XL, a big, $450 speaker that the company says is its loudest model to date.

In typical fashion for House of Marley, you'll find lots of sustainable materials like the bamboo front face plate, the company's signature Rewind fabric, its Regrind silicone, and easily recycled aluminum. Inside the 12.6-pound body, HoM has packed 60 watts of power split between two one-inch tweeters and two four-inch woofers, and a large, rear-mounted passive radiator. Want even more coverage for your parties? You can extend the sound to other HoM Get Together 2 speakers via party mode or create a stereo pair between two Get Together 2 XL for much better stereo separation.

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