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If you’re missing the office, this ingenious site has you covered

Missing your workplace? Of course you are. Lockdowns around the world have forced millions of people to swap their regular office for a home office. But, really, working from home isn’t quite the same.

For a start, the ambiance is completely different — because your co-workers aren’t there. That may be a blessing for some, but for others, suddenly finding yourself all by yourself can feel a little, well, lonely.

So be sure to check out this ingenious site from Kids Creative Agency that endeavors to replicate the calming sounds of your regular workplace.

The Berlin-based agency describes its creation as an “office-noise generator” designed to provide you with “the soothing tones of modern office life to help you focus when working from home.”

The great thing about the generator is that it’s interactive, so you can click on the office fixtures that you’ve been hankering to hear — things like the gentle hum of the photocopier, the bubbling of the water cooler, and the clickety-clack of someone else on their keyboard. And it all comes with a reassuring backing track of co-workers’ muffled conversation from around the room.

Even better, you can choose the number of co-workers that you want to have in your virtual office. Finally, hit the play button to let the various sounds populate your home office, providing you with that comforting feeling that, once again, you’re among friends.

If you still need some help setting up your home office, then Digital Trends has some great ideas to get you started.

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