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LG adds virtual showroom experience for IFA 2020

LG has made preparations to include more guests in the upcoming IFA 2020 event with a virtual showroom. 

The invite-only event, which is scheduled to take place in Berlin September 3-5, has a max capacity of 1,000 guests per day, but now anyone can see replicas of LG’s home entertainment and home appliance showrooms online. 

The virtual showrooms will feature a lookalike IFA setup where you can browse new LG products in 360 degrees by dragging your screen. Each product features a video presentation as well as information on the product’s specs. You can also move from room to room to view the different products LG has showcased at IFA. 


Some of the more impressive displays include a ceiling made entirely of LG OLED displays and a room where you can compare LG’s self-lit displays to conventional LED TVs. 

You can find and try out all of LG’s products,like the LG Tone earbuds, the LG 8K TV, the LG PuriCare Air Purifier, the LG CordZero vacuum, and more. 

The virtual showroom will be up on the company’s website throughout the rest of the month and can be viewed on a browser or through the Virtual Studio mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

While LG’s show must go on (both in-person and virtually), Samsung has chosen to go the route of an entirely virtual event and skip the IFA altogether. IFA is the first in-person tech event to happen in the post-coronavirus pandemic era. Even future events are scheduled to be online-only, such as the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, which is scheduled to be an online-only event in early January. 

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