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The LumiGrow BarLight is a smart grow light for pot cultivation

As the growth, production, and recreational use of cannabis become legal in more states across the nation (though not at the federal level), the market around its cultivation also grows. And now LumiGrow has released a set of smart grow lights specifically dedicated to cannabis production. The LumiGrow BarLight fits on the LumiGrow EasyRail vertical bar rack for high-yield growth in a small space.

LumiGrow’s EasyRail mount can support up to two BarLight fixtures in a 4 x 8-foot vertical area. A single BarLight consists of eight light bars connected to a single smart power supply. For years, horticulturalists have used specialized lights to control and improve the yield of a given crop, but only recently have smart lights been used for the same purpose.

The BarLight has two color options: the “targeted spectrum,” a pink light that is optimized for growth, and the white “hybrid spectrum” which uses less power and promotes a more natural growth pattern. The lights use an estimated 685 watts and have 120-volt and 240-volt options. The “smart” part of the lighting comes into play with the addition of the SmartPAR Wireless Control System. This system gives users the ability to create automated light environments customized for each crop at each growth stage.

LumiGrow has a four-step plan for “building your ideal lighting environment.” The first step is to choose the type of light arrangement you need. There’s an option for vegetative growth and an option for flowers. There are more BarLights per row with the latter option because of the higher light requirements involved in growing flowers. Once you’ve selected the type of plants you’re going to grow, you choose between the two spectrums, add your wireless controls, and then call the company directly for a pricing estimate.

While LumiGrow did not list prices for the BarLight, prices for the company’s other products start at $660 on Amazon and went up from there. It’s clear this product is not aimed at hobbyists, but rather at people who grow plants in a professional environment.

LumiGrow calls itself “the leader in smart horticultural lighting since 2007.” A product like the BarLight would be right at home inside a greenhouse and would promote plant growth throughout the year, even in months where the natural sunlight might be a bit weak. And while BarLight is designed with cannabis in mind, the company offers lighting options for everything from leafy greens to vine crops.

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