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Ride safely at night with Arara, a magnetically powered bicycle light

Arara: How It Works
More and more members of society are forgoing their gas-guzzling cars for pedal power and two wheels. Commuting to work by bicycle is growing in popularity. When you work long hours, it’s unavoidable that some of these commutes must be ridden in the dark — which drives the need for bicycle lights. Being able to see the road and making yourself visible to traffic are the primary goals of bicycle lighting. The cons of traditional bicycle lights? The need to recharge or purchase new batteries. Arara claims to be the first battery-less, wheel-mounted lighting system — so that you can cycle safely without worrying about running out of power.

Arara was designed by Semyon Filippov, a 28-year-old Russian with a Ph.D. in physics. Arara was invented as a way to improve visibility and provide for added measures of safety for cyclists on the road. The wheel-mounted design creates the illusion that the entire diameter of the wheel is lit, making for an easily visible bike during nighttime hours. There are two different models available, the Arara A5 and the Arara A200. One provides for instant powering on while the other slowly fades to black.

The wheel-mounted lights are powered by strong neodymium magnets. When the wheels start to spin, the spoke-mounted lights move past the magnets. The generated electric energy is stored in the capacitor. Once charged, Arara lights up. The light remains on as long as the bicycle is moving and dims when stopped. The Arara A200 stays lit for several minutes after coming to a stop. There is no friction and no moving parts, so there is no drag on the wheel. The lights are LED, making for excellent energy efficiency.

The Arara lighting system is weather resistant — unaffected by water or dust. It is also guaranteed to work down to negative-15 degrees Fahrenheit. Six different light colors will be available. The campaign will launch on Indiegogo on February 13 and Arara will be in production by the fourth quarter of 2018.

“Commuting to and from work should be a safe endeavor, and as Arara illuminates the whole bicycle wheels from any angle, it provides that extra safety for commuters,” Filippov said in a statement. 

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