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Zucklight is a groovy new night-light from the mind of Facebook’s founder

A while back, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg shared a post featuring an idea for a gizmo that was aimed at improving his wife’s sleep.

Lo and behold, the Zucklight, a crowdfunded funky new night-light — the modern parlance is a “sleep box” — that is designed to help those of us with sleep disorders sleep through the night. Fitful sleep aggravates a bunch of modern malaises including anxiety, heart disease, depression, exhaustion and high blood pressure.

The Zucklight emits different colors during various periods of the night to signal to you whether it’s five minutes before you have to wake up or it’s 2 a.m. and you can relax and go back to sleep.

You can adjust the light color and brightness for a preferred time schedule. Oddly, for a crowdfunded item, it comes in a bunch of different versions.

There’s the Zucklight Lite, which features the glowing light and illumination option. The Zucklight Plus lights up like the night-light described above but it also has a wireless charger. Finally, the Zucklight Pro has a bunch of cool onboard sensors that can track stuff like carbon dioxide, as well as the humidity and temperature. It’s also easy to add this gizmo to your smart home platform and make adjustments to your environment more easily.

The makers of the Zucklight, Premiere Electronics LLC, has you covered in terms of aesthetics, too — in case you’re either a home design specialist or just particular about the palettes in your smart home. It comes in three colors: Light Oak, Mahogany, and White Aspen, which equates to pretty much light brown, dark brown and white.

Crowdfunded stuff is kind of a crapshoot. Much of it turns out to be a real bonus where you can get something super-cool not only early, but at a discount. And occasionally it turns out to be what we in the professional technology business call “vaporware,” which basically means you might have dumped a bunch of cash on a thing that never comes to exist. More than $200,000 has been raised so far — the goal was just $5,000, so this one is looking pretty good so far.

You can pre-order the Zucklight on the campaign’s Kickstarter page for up to 50% off.

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