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Govee unveils new outdoor lights in time for spooky season

If you’re determined to create a truly impressive Halloween lighting setup that borders on obnoxious, Govee has a new set of outdoor smart lights for your consideration. The Govee Outdoor Permanent Lights are now available for $199 for a 50-foot string and $299 for 100 feet.

Govee is employing its usual slew of features for this batch of lights, including RGBIC LEDs which allow for smooth transitions within each light, music sync, and a mobile app rife with customized animation options. These lights should be able to handle cold and hot weather alike, so don’t be shy about leaving them out year-round. Govee claims to offer higher watts per bead than anything else available, resulting in 40% greater wall washing effect than competing lights.

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Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights strung up on a house at night for Halloween.

We’ve looked at plenty of Govee lights in the past. Its app is robust, if a bit overwhelming, and the light quality tends to lean heavy on brightness and saturation. When you’re trying to have loud, over-the-top decor this Halloween, and even later in the year during Christmas, these are helpful qualities to have. We would love to see smoother transitions in the animations, but the wealth of prebuilt options available in addition to custom animation tools makesa worthwhile trade-off.

Govee has a few other outdoor smart lights as well, so it’s easy enough to get a bunch and program them to work in tandem for whichever festive mood you feel the need to blast out to your neighbors. If you’re ready to go all-out this year for spooky season, be sure to check out what Govee has on offer. If you’re looking for more options, check out this batch of our favorite Halloween decorations.

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