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Twinkly’s new Dots LED string lights play nice with Razer Chroma

The folks at Twinkly have announced a new set of smart lights to their family during CES 2022. Twinkly Dots connect over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to companion apps on Android and iOS, enabling the full suite of remote control and voice commands that you’d expect.

Platform support is broad, including not only the usual players like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit, but even gaming PCs via Razer Chroma and the HP Omen Light Studio. This means the lights can react to whatever game you’re playing. To really seal the deal as a PC-friendly accessory, there will be a USB version, which means you can bring these lights with you anywhere and set up without the need for a separate power supply. The software for Twinkly Dots recognizes the relative positions of each LED, allowing you to program all sorts of animations.

Twinkly Dots LED string lights set up on a wall behind a laptop.

There will be 33- and 66-foot versions available, with 200 RGB lights and 400 RGB lights, respectively. If you need more than that, the lights are linkable so you can build out large installations and program them all together. They’re rated IP44, so you can use them equally indoors or outdoors. Both black and white wiring will be available, depending on your needs.

Twinkly lights regularly feature in our LED light roundups, especially for the holidays. Most Christmas lights are still fairly traditional with few that are both available in festive form factors and support modern app environments.

No word on pricing just yet, but expect to see these on store shelves this quarter.

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