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Reduce the risk of a flat tire with the Banger technopolymer insert

Anti-flat system for MTB & eBike | Banger by MrWolf | Kickstarter Technology
Riding a mountain bike off the trails can be fun, but the tricky terrain can really do a number on the tires. When a tire has a puncture, it loses all its ability to support a rider. Instead, to reduce the risk of a flat, Banger is a low-density technopolymer designed to fit inside any mountain bike tire.

With Banger installed, the volume of air inside the tire reduces by 95 percent. As a result, tires absorb shock and reduce vibrations, and riders gain an increased feeling of stability.

In a normal tubeless system, the air has a naturally elastic behavior. When a tire makes an impact, it has an elastic rebound. Banger responds differently. The compound absorbs the energy, maintaining the grip and control for a smoother, sturdier ride. On uneven terrain, Banger provides more constant contact with the ground as it shapes itself around the bumps.

One would think that these attributes would affect rolling resistance. However, testing demonstrated that the wheel maintained rolling resistance in off-road use. In comparison with a tubeless system, Banger only loses one percent while adding puncture prevention, shock absorption, anti-burping, increased traction, and improved comfort.

While Banger replaces 95 percent of the air in a tubeless bicycle tire, the final 5 percent allows cyclists to customize their ride. No matter what type of tire or rim shape, Banger can adjust. And even if the bike loses that last small amount of air, cyclists won’t be left in the dust. The technopolymer provides support to the tire casing even during flats.

Currently, Banger is available for pre-order on Kickstarter. By pledging $196, riders will earn a Banger kit for two wheels. Aside from the technopolymer, the kits include two single-dose tire sealants, two “T” reductions for valves, and a valve core removal tool. The available sizes include 26 inches, 27.5 inches, and 29 inches. Shipments go out in July.

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