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Keep the lights on and your phone charged off the grid with the SolarHome 620

Your phone’s dead and the power’s out? No problem! Ideal for vans, campervans, or during power outages in any modern home, BioLite brings you solar-powered lighting and charging in a small, shoebox-sized package. The SolarHome 620 was designed for off-the-grid living, providing both necessities and entertainment amenities via solar power.

The SolarHome 620 is mechanized by an easy-to-install 6-watt solar panel that captures and stores the power of the sun, and that is meant to be mounted on a rooftop in an area that receives direct sunlight. The panel transfers solar energy to the control box, which is affixed to an interior wall. The control box is powered by a 20-watt battery and includes an integrated LED display. From the display you can monitor your SolarHome 620 system, hook up extension cords for exterior devices, and even play music.

The control box includes a battery reading, which shows how much power you have available and allows you to monitor the sun intake in real time. You can listen to the radio or play your own MP3s directly from the box. Bonus feature? The control box serves as its own light, bright enough to guide you down the hallway to the bathroom at night.

The SolarHome 620 includes two interior hanging lights with wall-mounted switches, from which you can adjust the level of brightness depending on the time of day or power availability. In addition to the hanging lights, the kit comes with a motion sensor light to allow for an added measure of security in your home, alerting you to visitors both wanted and unwanted. The motion sensor light is designed with a security mode that lets you to save power when needed.

In addition to sending power to interior and exterior lights, the SolarHome 620 control box features USB outlets so that you’re never without power to your phone, which is especially crucial during an emergency. The combination of safety, and essential and creature comforts, makes the SolarHome 620 an unprecedented solar power kit ideal for use in any home, whether you’re living in the suburbs or on the road. This product is already in use in over 5,000 homes across western Kenya.

You can purchase your own SolarHome 620 for $150 on the BioLite website.

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