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Spend more time shredding the mountain with Burton’s new Step On binding system

Burton Step On™ - Available Now
Snowboarding season is in full swing and the mountains are alive with an electric energy as riders carve turns from the mountain peaks to the valleys. One of the biggest downsides to snowboarding? The time spent attaching and detaching your boot before and after every run. Burton has teamed up with Boa to change the nature of the game. Enter Burton’s new Step On system, an innovative technology that allows you to step into your bindings and go — serving as a far superior alternative to the step-in systems of times past.

Boa first rocked the snowboarding industry when it replaced traditional laces with its lace glides and micro-adjustable dial. This allows riders to easily get their boots on and off and also adjust the tension as needed, which is essential during a long day on the mountainside. Boa continues to expand and innovate its product, working with brands in early production stages in order to attain the most exemplary results.

Burton teamed up with Boa early on in its development of the Step On system, a product that would change how snowboard boots connect with bindings. The Step On system features an easy attachment process that allows you to step your boot into bindings and hit the slopes, foregoing the need to sit down and manually perform the process.

The Step On system features attachment points at the toe and the heel, as opposed to traditional systems that would attach the boot at the center of the foot. The connection to these main performance areas on the snowboard allows for the greatest utility when carving turns. How does it function? A heel strap comes across the instep of the boot at the heel and features a Boa dial as opposed to the traditional ratchet system. This strap locks in the heel. The company has integrated New England Rope as the cable for the Boa system — serving as the only brand on the market to do so.

The Step-On system serves to eliminate time spent strapping in — so that you can spend more time shredding the slopes. The Step-On boot and binding bundle is available for $805 on Burton’s website.

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